Reversing Cognitive Decline Program


This program is designed for individuals who are experiencing decline in brain function including memory concerns, decreased focus or attention, decreased processing speeds, and visual spatial/perception difficulty.  The best results are obtained when difficulties are identified in their earlier stages.


Cost for the above is $3,600 for the year.  Of this $1,650 will be due in the first quarter.  The remainder can be split up as $650 each quarter.  If the annual fee is paid upfront a 10% discount will be applied so the annual cost will be $3,240.

Notice: This Cost does NOT include mandatory laboratory testing.

Some type of genetic testing is required. We recommend doing this through 23 and Me.

3 comprehensive lab tests done are also done throughout the year at initiation of the program, at 6-7 months and at one year.

If you have insurance you can use your insurance for your testing. With insurance the cost for each lab draw is estimated to be about $300-350. If you do not have insurance we have a membership through Evexia labs that offers most lab tests at discounted costs. Your labs are estimated to be around $600-650.

The following services are included:

  • 2 hour intake with Dr Dan
  • 5 Annual 60-90 minute visits with Dr Dan
  • 6 Annual Visits with nutritionist Karrie Bach
  • Measure of central blood pressure using the SphygmoCor XCEL
  • Bi annual sleep assessment through Sleep Image
  • Nudge App for ongoing monitoring of lifestyle goals and for encouragement and motivation from Dr Dan and Karrie
  • Quarterly body impedance analysis testing with SECA mBCA
  • Quarterly in depth cognitive assessments (some can be done at home on computer)
  • Ongoing personalized brain training/rehab program
  • Heart Math emWave 2 Device along with HeartMath training and monitoring
  • Supplements at discounted cost from FullScript
  • Ongoing medical research on your personal health issues


You can click here to see the labs that are done as part of this workup.

Services that may be recommended but not included include:

  • Neuro Imaging
  • Extra visits with the Dr Dan are available and will be billed at $300/hour.
  • Extra visits with Karrie Bach will be billed at $75/hour.


Routine Cognitive Labs Include:

  • Complete metabolic panel
  • Cholesterol testing: Lipid panel as well as lipid fractionation
  • Metabolic testing: HbA1c and fasting insulin
  • Inflammation markers: hs-CRP, Homocysteine
  • Vitamin and Mineral Testing: Magnesium, RBC magnesium, Ceruloplasmin, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Thiamine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C
  • Hormone Testing: TSH, Free T4, Free T3, reverse T3, Total testosterone, Free testosterone, Estradiol, Progesterone, Pregnenolone, DHEA-S, AM Cortisol
  • Heavy Metal Testing: Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids

Other Tests That May be Ordered:

  • Genetic testing: MTHFR, APO E
  • C4a and TNF alpha
  • Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone
  • TGF Beta1