Front Range Functional Medicine Plans and Pricing


All of our patients begin their care with a 1 month Initial Assessment Package.  The cost of this package is $700. 
The Following are Included:
  • A review your past labs and doctor’s visits/notes.
  • A 2 hour in depth visit with Dr Dan where we develop an initial plan/recommendations and order necessary labs and/or imaging test.  
  • A state of the art patient portal through which you can send secure messages to Dr Dan and view all of your test results and notes.
  • Ongoing access to Dr Dan for support and questions through the patient portal, telephone, and email.
  • Medical research by Dr Dan regarding your specific issues.
  • A 1.5-2 hour follow up visit where we review the results of your lab work and develop a refined plan based on these.
  • Discounted supplements through FullScript.
  • The cost of laboratory tests are NOT included in this fee, however, you CAN use your insurance to help with lab costs.
Following this initial month you can continue care for $675 a quarter ($225 a month).  This fee allows for 2 hours of face to face time with Dr Dan each quarter as well as ongoing access to Dr Dan for support and questions via the patient portal, telephone, and email.
If your condition requires more time extra visits are billed at Dr Dan’s usual rate of $300 per hour.
On average our patients will invest between $3,500 and $6,500 per year with Front Range Functional Medicine working to maximize their health.  This cost estimate includes all office visits, laboratory testing, and supplements.


We have two annual programs, the CardioMetabolic Program and the Reversing Cognitive Decline Program, that are prebuilt with a certain number of visits and specific tests all included for an annual fee. These programs are for individuals who know they want to commit to a comprehensive program to reverse these conditions.